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Moving Company FAQs

Choosing a mover you can trust isn’t always easy. A few things you can do to help the process is to read a companies reviews on Google, see if they have a professional website, and give them a call!

Anytime is the best time to move! Moving season is typically in the warmer months of the year and for this reason, it might be more difficult to pick the exact date you would like to move. Schedules are usually more open in the colder months.

During these times, we always recommend having windows open for proper ventilation when the specialist and the movers arrive at your residence. The relocation specialist will introduce himself and ask to visually inspect all of the furniture and items that you would like to be moved. He might ask if he can take pictures for references and inspect the best parking situation. After walking through the spaces, the relocation specialist might ask a few more questions and send you the estimate as soon as possible.
Estimates can be done in person with a relocation specialist or over the phone. We always recommend an in person estimate when traveling long distances, if there is reason to believe a big moving truck couldn’t reach your house, or if there is anything unusual that needs to be moved. Most moves are perfectly fine to just have an over the phone estimate.
Taken from the North Carolina Utilities Commision website: “Non-Binding: A nonbinding written estimate shows the approximate charges for the services to be provided. At the time of delivery, the mover will expect payment for the actual charges. If the actual charges are greater than 110% of the charges shown on the written estimate plus any addendum to that written estimate, you may request to pay 110% of the charges at the time of delivery and the balance within 30 days. Payments received after 30 days may be subject to a finance charge of 1% per month. Of course, you can pay for the move in full at the time of delivery. Binding Guaranteed: A binding guaranteed written estimate is fully binding on both you and the mover. If any additional services are performed by the mover at your request, which are not covered in the written estimate, additional charges may apply and you will be expected to sign an Addendum to the written estimate acknowledging such changes. At the time of delivery, the mover will expect payment of the written estimate, plus any charges for additional services. If services covered in the written estimate are no longer required, a properly completed Addendum will acknowledge the removal of the charges for those services from the written estimate.
Also taken from the NC Utilities Commision website: MOVES OF 35 MILES OR LESS (HOURLY RATES): Moves of 35 miles or less are billed at hourly rates based upon the number of workers/vans and the time it takes to perform the move. The regulations define the maximum rates that movers may charge which allows movers and their customers to negotiate the rates to be used. The “clock” starts when the mover arrives at your home, and it stops when all the services at the destination have been completed. A charge may be assessed for traveling to your current home and from your new home. Time will be rounded up to the nearest quarter hour. MOVES OF 36 MILES OR MORE (WEIGHT/DISTANCE RATES): Moves greater than 35 miles are billed based on the weight of the shipment and the distance between origin and destination. That distance is calculated using the current, official map issued by the NC Department of Transportation or, in some instances, special Commission-approved mileage software. Any other online mapping services or odometer readings may not be used by movers for determining distance, although they may be used for directions.
Payment is due upon completion of the job. We can accept all major debit/credit cards through our Square system and can always accept cash.
Not all shipments have to be weighed. The majority of moves are less than 35 miles and are charged based on the time spent. Whenever we perform a move farther than 35 miles and/or if our customer selects “full value valuation” we must stop and weigh the truck if there is a scale in route. Otherwise, the NC Utilities Commision gives us a calculation to determine the weight of the shipment.
Tips are always appreciated but never expected! If you would like to tip your movers, any amount is greatly appreciated.
No need to remove paperwork and documents from your filing cabinets. We have the proper equipment to move them as-is. Weight is not an issue for us but it might be for the piece of furniture. Discretion is advised.
Absolutely! I always suggest to remove liquids, breakables, and small/loose items from drawers. Once again, the weight is not an issue with us! The biggest issue with leaving clothing in dresser drawers is to not have it loaded to the point where the weight could jeopardize the structural integrity of the piece itself.
There are only two types of things we cannot move: paint and anything that goes “boom!”. Examples of “boom” items would be propane tanks, fire extinguishers, gasoline, and oxygen tanks.
Absolutely! At the end of every job we ask our customers if they would like to walk through the spaces and make sure that everything is exactly where they would like it to be.
Although we love pets, and I’m sure we could keep them safe as we do with everything we move, our movers cannot place any pets in a Rye Moving & Packing company vehicle.

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